E-commerce app

OLX – Unsolicited Redesign


  • Existing app analysis
  • Competitive research
  • Usability testing and recommendations
  • Design research (UI Patterns)
  • Sketches and wire-frames
  • Design treatment
  • Final comps

Individual project

In this project, there was a need to re-design a preexisting Online service.

Its a mobile application called OLX. OLX is a free classifieds service, where people can watch, buy or sell different kinds of personal objects. The study object of this exercise is the app for iOS, focusing on the iPhone version.



The re-design started by observing the current app, and pointing the flaws and the most evident problems concerning navigation, visual interface and user experience.

The UI needed a more personal approach, currently it does not feel like the user gets an extra value by using this app. It should guide the user to watch and announce items.

Competitive research

Similar apps

Watching similar examples, provides an opportunity to understand the competition, and to see what elements are being used as design solutions for usability, wayfinding and user engagement.

Case studies: Craigslist mobile app, Ebay mobile app and Pisos.com mobile app.

Usability testing

User testing

This test was made on users with ages between 24 and 33.

A scenario was created in order to provide the users an idea of what they would have to accomplish.

I told the users the intention of this test and explained that the user is not being tested, only the mobile app.

The results were presented with a summary of each user’s experience and quotes of their expressions.

“Would be nice if I could choose the location before starting to search, like in this case that I am moving somewhere else“.

Design Research

User Interface Patterns

Competition research

This research was done mainly on three  types of patterns that were important for project scope. The three patterns studied were:

  • Search
  • Content
  • User profile

Search patterns tend to have automatic recommendations and the use of icons for sections or categories.

The display of content is done with clean blocks of text, clear sans-serif typography, full-width images and authoring data.

The user profile is important to give the user a personalized experience, the app reflects users’ own preferences and activity information.


  • App personalization
  • Location improvements
  • Category based navigation
  • Layout refining
  • Motivate to interact with other users


Rough sketches were done to ideate through the navigation of the app.

A work flow for browsing and buying process and another for selling objects.


Wire-frames created with Axure

A quick prototyping was done using Axure®, this allowed to have a glance on how the interaction would be when on the main screens of the work flow presented before.

Screens prototyped:

  • Home page with categories
  • Subcategories
  • Items listing
  • Posting a new item
  • Load photos and information
  • Content page

Design treatments

  • Color palette
  • Typography options
  • Flat design
  • Icons
  • Splash screen
  • High fidelity compositions



My name is Mario, I am a user experience and user interface designer from Costa Rica. I like to create interactive digital products that are both appealing and functional. I have a background in graphic design, with experience on educational digital materials and web design.

If you think we can work together or just want to ask me something, feel free to contact me by email, or social media.