Memory Game: Save the Wild


  • Outline and Requirements
  • Sketches
  • User interface
  • Scripting
  • Final outcome
Individual project


Save the Wild is a memory game with a little twist to make it more interesting, not only the player has to match cards, but also has to avoid some others.

The concept of the game is about the wild life and every card corresponds to an animal that is in danger of disappearing. In order to save the animals the player has to find them and avoid the hunters that are behind the animals.

Outline and Requirements

The first step was to define the requirements for the artwork (illustrations, backgrounds, buttons, etc). The game needed a board with 16 cards, seven different illustrated cards, plus the buttons and additional messages.

The other requirement was the programming, in this step I defined the set and the kind of interaction the game would have.


The animals illustrated are all endangered species: toad, jaguar, turtle, crocodile, sloth, eagle, and tapir.

First sketch was 4×4

The board is 6×3, which gives the chance to have 18 cards, which 17 would be the seven pairs of animals and 4 would be the two pairs of hunter.

The Interface

The illustration of the animals is intended to be simplified for a better and faster visualization, with thick borders and primary colors.


The interface brings the same idea of cards, but with stylized feel.

iPad Landscape


The code was done on a Class separated from the Flash file, challenging myself to work with Object Oriented Programming. The result is a fully working game, with the basic functionality, 3 levels of difficulty and tracking score of the user.


Play the game



My name is Mario, I am a user experience and user interface designer from Costa Rica. I like to create interactive digital products that are both appealing and functional. I have a background in graphic design, with experience on educational digital materials and web design.

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