Up To Do Task Manager


  • Goals and features
  • Database design
  • Sketch the interface
  • Definition of site’s features and pages structure
  • PHP
  • Html and CSS
Individual project


Dynamic Website for creating, editing and displaying to-do lists.

This web application is a task manager that allows users to register through a web form, and then save a list of “things-to-do.” The user can group the items to arrange the list. The manager allows to check complete or delete the tasks.

Goals and features

The goal of this application is to create an application that allows to check the things that are finished and it would show them in a separate list. The tasks can be arranged into groups.

Database design

This Website’ database is designed to write users’ information safely in order to create an account. Every user with an account can create new content. The database will save all the entries in three relational tables: users, tasks and groups.

Sketch of the interface

Hi-fidelity wire-frames are good to provide a glance of what the final Website would be.

Features and Page Structure


The goal is to create a tool to check the things that are finished and show them in a separate list. The tasks can be arranged into groups.

The project is written in PHP and HTML, it runs in any browser, and the database was created with MySQL programming on the terminal window (mostly for learning purposes).

Final Outcome

The final version of the Website can be seen in uptodo.mariobadilla.com.

The website has a responsive layout, therefore it can be seen from any device.



My name is Mario, I am a user experience and user interface designer from Costa Rica. I like to create interactive digital products that are both appealing and functional. I have a background in graphic design, with experience on educational digital materials and web design.

If you think we can work together or just want to ask me something, feel free to contact me by email, or social media.